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New research out of MIT demonstrates that 1-year-olds are capable of complex reasoning.  This work, by the team of Josh Tenenbaum, a cognitive scientist MIT, demonstrates that babies have a complex physical model of the world. LiveScience reports on the … Continue reading

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Should you tell your child s/he is gifted?

Earlier I’d posted a few resources for parents of gifted children.  When your child is about to be enrolled in a “gifted” / “accelerated” / “honors” / “academically talented” program, should you tell your child s/he is gifted?  The Chicago … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding *linked* to fewer behavioral problems

A recent study has found that breastfeeding is linked to fewer behavioral problems in children.  I stress linked because there’s no causative finding. The findings suggest that, at least in term children, longer duration of breast feeding is associated with … Continue reading

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Goat brains may be okay, after all, as food for kids

Informante had an article today about a singular brain food for kids in Namibia.  So if you’re a kid wanting to eat goat brains, it sounds like it might be okay after all! A myth given to Oshiwambo-speaking children is … Continue reading

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Teaching finance to your youngsters

A few weeks ago, the New York Times had an article about teaching your kids basic financial knowledge. The article discusses various efforts, especially in light of the financial crisis, to teach young kids about financial knowledge.  It also references … Continue reading

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Book review: Brain Rules for Baby

Brain Rules for Baby is a recent book by John Medina, the NYT bestselling author of Brain Rules.  The book provides science-backed tips for raising smart babies, and it has received 5/5 stars on  I’ll summarize some of the … Continue reading

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Looking for BabyIQ blog contributors

We are currently seeking outstanding contributors for this blog. Contributors will be able to contribute as frequently as they’d like, ideally once a week to once a day or more. (While I am interested in writing entries on a regular … Continue reading

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