Goat brains may be okay, after all, as food for kids

Informante had an article today about a singular brain food for kids in Namibia.  So if you’re a kid wanting to eat goat brains, it sounds like it might be okay after all!

A myth given to Oshiwambo-speaking children is that “goats’ brains cannot be devoured by youngsters for fear they will become stupid resonates”.  On the contrary, parents tell this to their children because they’re simply not willing to share the delicious fare:

It is once those very children are grown enough to eat the brain of a goat that they realise that the popular phrase was not uttered because adults were concerned about raising smart children, but rather that adults selfishly did not want to share their goat head, a well-known delicacy, with anyone.

What you can do.

If you’re a parent, you might want to find a better hiding spot for your goat brains.  From a paranoid perspective, I’d also be wary of mad cow disease, which has been found in goats.  If you’re a kid, you should take your parents’ advice on goat brains with a grain of salt, unless they bring up mad-cow disease.

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