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Breastfeeding *linked* to fewer behavioral problems

A recent study has found that breastfeeding is linked to fewer behavioral problems in children.  I stress linked because there’s no causative finding. The findings suggest that, at least in term children, longer duration of breast feeding is associated with … Continue reading

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Teaching finance to your youngsters

A few weeks ago, the New York Times had an article about teaching your kids basic financial knowledge. The article discusses various efforts, especially in light of the financial crisis, to teach young kids about financial knowledge.  It also references … Continue reading

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The importance of play for kids

It’s not just your intuition; toys and play really are important for babies’ cognitive development. It clearly helps with small-muscle control and social skills, but even basic games help with language skills, abstract thinking ability, and cognitive concepts. Parents are … Continue reading

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The Marshmallow Experiment

The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment was a study of deferred gratification.  In short: children who could defer gratification (in the form of tasty snacks) at a young age had higher SAT scores later in life. This is such an important point … Continue reading

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