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Should you tell your child s/he is gifted?

Earlier I’d posted a few resources for parents of gifted children.  When your child is about to be enrolled in a “gifted” / “accelerated” / “honors” / “academically talented” program, should you tell your child s/he is gifted?  The Chicago … Continue reading

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Teaching finance to your youngsters

A few weeks ago, the New York Times had an article about teaching your kids basic financial knowledge. The article discusses various efforts, especially in light of the financial crisis, to teach young kids about financial knowledge.  It also references … Continue reading

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Technology and child creativity in writing

Technology may have a detrimental effect on children’s creativity, according to the Pilot Pen Australia Creativity Report by psychologist Kimberley O’Brien (details are from an article in Xinhua Net).  There are at least two areas worthy of note in the … Continue reading

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Evaluating public schools

How should you evaluate public schools?  The Berkeley Parents Network has a thread about this.  Note in particular the recommendation of, which provides schools reviews and, importantly, test scores. (I have no affiliation with this site, but it looks … Continue reading

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FTC complaints for “Your Baby Can Read”

The consumer watchdog group Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood filed a complaint with the FTC about the the popular reading program “Your Baby Can Read”, according to a recent article on MSNBC.  This is the same group that helped … Continue reading

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The importance of play for kids

It’s not just your intuition; toys and play really are important for babies’ cognitive development. It clearly helps with small-muscle control and social skills, but even basic games help with language skills, abstract thinking ability, and cognitive concepts. Parents are … Continue reading

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Raising Gifted Children: Resources

The National Collegiate Honors Council is an organization which helps set direction for honors education in the U.S.  Such education in the U.S. has a relatively short history, according to the NCHC website: Honors education in the United States first … Continue reading

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